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Web Event Marketing

Do you want to promote your event by using the Web? CEP can create an e-mail blast that will wow your meeting attendees or grab the attention of prospective attendees for your next big event. We will send the blasts out to your company associates to excite them for what’s to come in regards to an incentive trip (link to Incentive Trips) or an annual sales meeting. Or, we can use our own guest list to help promote your big event.  These e-mail blasts can also be tailored to include a 1- to 3-minute video presentation if you choose.

Over the years, CEP has developed an e-guest list which is comprised of tens of thousands of e-mail addresses. Our e-guest list contains an exclusive upscale crowd who has requested to be sent e-invitations (e-mail blasts) in order to be notified of our various product launches, charity events and other types of events. Therefore, CEP has the ability to draw a fabulous crowd for your next event! 

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